When companies experience business situations that require layoffs and reduction in force and career transition for employees, Snowden Associates provides full service support before, during and after employees are notified.

Our focus is designed to assist individuals in finding appropriate employment as quickly as reasonable and possible. The services are comprehensive and structured to provide transition support in both group and individual formats.


Career Transition Services include:

Our commitment to customized services creates an approach tailored to the unique needs of the individual.


The goal of the Career Transition Program is to provide assistance in developing skills and action plans needed to locate alternate employment that is congruent with the individual's objectives, values, abilities and interests. The program materials and methodology will serve as a guide to help achieve the desired outcome of employment.

Career Transition and Services

Career Transition begins when employment has ended with one company and is over when re-employment is achieved. Career Transition Services provide current information, time-tested ideas, tangible resources and one on one consultation designed to successfully manage and minimize the transition time frame.


Studies indicate that individuals who work diligently within a formal career transition program decrease their unemployment period and increase their level of satisfaction with the new position. During the search process individuals have the opportunity to develop career skills for both the present and future, including: self-assessment, goal setting, research techniques, marketing strategies, presentation skills and negotiation tactics.


Overview Job Search Process

The best way to gain new employment is to build on and market existing skills and expertise. The job search campaign includes four components:

Career Employment Material


Research Goals

Job/position openings are created through expansion and/or replacement of people in existing jobs. Technology is a key part of the job search information process and research is an important component in locating the opportunities:

Research Resources

Technology provides vital sources of information to support a job search process.

Internet and World Wide Web


Our firm is committed to the delivery of a high quality Career Transition services with achievement of anticipated outcomes.