SNOWDEN Associates provides services designed to assist firms deal with the issues that companies face as new business models and processes are adopted to meet economic challenges.


SNOWDEN Associates believes that coaching is a dynamic conversation, a dialogue process within a results-oriented context that helps individuals access 'what they know' and supports and encourages individuals to seek answers to new questions.

Our coaching approach is designed as a learning partnership – observing patterns, setting the stage for new actions, collaborating efforts to put more successful actions into place through reflection, information and sharing perspective.

Our firm views coaching as the opportunity to deal directly with a change experience. It is grounded in the human ability to generate new adaptive actions that open up new possibilities for the present and future. The Coaching process is designed for achieving critical outcomes and enhancing performance.


Coaching is based on a belief in the human ability to change. It is a process informed by the fact that people make the best choices available and do best when supported through the coaching journey. It is a process of learning within a context of knowledge and skill enhancement – it is not a quick fix.

Current coaching models are based on the principles of psychology and education and have evolved to meet the needs of business and organizations worldwide.

Business Coaching

incorporates individual and team coaching.

Executive/Developmental Coaching

designed for interpersonal and leadership development focus.

Outcomes & Measurement


Business Coaching

Challenges in today's business landscape have created the environment for business coaching to emerge as a critical activity designed to support individual and team development while providing new direction in customer satisfaction, productivity and organizational effectiveness.

SNOWDEN Associates partners with senior leaders, offering experience and expertise in facilitating outcomes designed to set the organization up for success.

Executive/Developmental Coaching

Seeks to offer a process that is grounded in a highly personalized form of learning that is concerned with structuring and facilitating change. There are several forms:



SNOWDEN Associates utilizes a range of approaches and tools in the coaching process:


The most frequently requested coaching approaches include:


Our firm is committed to the delivery of a high quality coaching process with achievement of anticipated outcomes.