Customized Executive Search

Snowden Associates has a reputation for excellence and integrity in its Customized Executive Search process. And for good reason. We have performed countless successful searches in a confidential and personal manner.

Our search consultants are experts in locating, screening, assessing and recommending highly qualified candidates for corporate clients. Len Rishkofski, our President/CEO, leads our search practice and brings over three decades of industry experience in search, staffing and human resources.

We conduct searches for all levels of positions, including executive, senior/middle management and professionals. Representative search assignments include the following industries:

Snowden truly understands each corporate client's products and services, leadership style, culture, and position requirements, allowing us to bring focus and clarity to the search effort. We combine that focus with a careful assessment of candidates to ensure a good "position fit" a productive employee with a high probability of retention.

Read on to learn about the advantages of Customized Executive Search in comparison to contingency search.

Who are we?

Regional firm with a local focus

Why Snowden?

Key Operating Principles

Versed in Current Technology

Information technology provides a tool which improves responsiveness and reduces candidate generation cycle time.


We are in the Executive Search Business; our search team has no other responsibilities but search so we can concentrate on the task at hand, bringing the “right fit” for the position. “We bring people, not resumes!”

The Snowden network is extensive:

Len’s personal network

                        o This is a networking group that meets monthly. Need to be Director or above to join. All                             titles, all industries.                         o This is a networking group that meets quarterly. Need to be the                         

                        o d HR person in your company. All titles, all industries.

Snowden Associates network

                        o National network of Senior executives, 100+ salary to belong
                        o 13,000 members organized in 56 chapters throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

So, what is Snowden Associates success ratio?

Two Key Elements of a Search

Physical Elements of a Search

Develop an Understanding of the Organization.

Define the Position and Profile

Initiate Research.

Contact Potential Candidates and Sources

Confer with the Client

Client Offer Phase

Conduct Follow-up.

Our Goal is to provide a quality search that produces a candidate who “fits” the organization and we both can feel good about the process.